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Quality Statement

The goal of PerigonSoft is to continually improve its position as a leading supplier of IT Solutions through its commitment to quality and to improve the levels of service delivered to its customers.

PerigonSoft brings a flexible and collaborative approach to delivering the real world technology solutions. We're easy to do business with, and we put our best effort to exceed our customers’ expectations. We're not only well versed in today's technologies but we also have deep expertise in yesterday's and tomorrow's technologies, which enables us to bring an global approach to deliver real business value to our customers. We strive to live and breathe our brand: "Reliable People, Quality Solutions".

The objectives of the company are to ensure that quality service is being delivered on time, products meet the customer's requirements and customer’s expectation is fulfilled. We intend to develop an environment within which each and every member of the PerigonSoft team understands the part they have to play, have the skills and authority to achieve their goals and where excellent service and products are synonymous with business success.

The responsibility for quality rests with each member of the PerigonSoft team. Every employee therefore plays a vital role in this process working together as part of the team for:

1IT Staffing

  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-Permanent Staffing
  • 2Software Development

  • Development of custom applications and solutions
  • Development of web pages for the internet
  • Development of databases, and software to support business processes
  • Integration of third-party components/applications, as well as reverse engineering of legacy applications
  • 3Application Maintenance

  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-Permanent Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-Permanent Staffing
  • 4QA Testing

  • Development of Test Plan and Test Strategy
  • Test Execution
  • Advanced Test Automation
  • Performance/Load Testing
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Process Improvement
  • 5Software Re-engineering

  • Analyzing the customer's existing legacy applications
  • Identifying a strategic solution which includes determining the architecture and design most suitable for the application
  • Developing the project using reverse engineering and forward engineering technology
  • Implementing the solution and transition of the system through data migration, system testing, user training and support
  • 6IT Training

  • Provide Practical IT Training to obtain skills that can be put to use in real time.
  • Cost effective Training solutions for our Corporate Clients and Individuals
  • Maintain our Training curriculum up to date according to the industry needs
  • Services List

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