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PerigonSoft offers in-depth Classroom and Online trainings through real time experienced professionals with over 10 years of experience. Trainees will be working in real time environment on actual Hardware and Software. Materials and supporting documentation is provided during the training.


This course designed for individuals who are interested to build a solid foundation in the Software Testing/QA. The curriculum is designed based on the new industry trends and the tools that are widely used in the industry.

Couse highlights include but not limited to, Requirements Analysis, Test Planning, Database, Test Management tools, Web Services testing, and Test Automation

This is been a very a successful course for the individual who are trying to get into the IT Industry.

Course duration around 80 Hours (which runs for around two months)


This course is designed for individuals that have some programming skills that are trying to get into the Java Programming. This course starts will the basics in Java programming and takes you all the way to the latest technologies and trends Java programming.

Couse highlights include but not limited to Introduction of Java Programming, Arrays, Synchronization, Exception Handling, Debugging, JSP, Servlets, JSTL, AJAX, Database, Hibernate, JPA, Spring, EJB, and Maven.

Each session will be conducted developing a multi-layer enterprise web application using cutting edge frameworks and technologies.

Course duration around 100 Hours (which runs for around two months)

This is been a very successful course for Individual that are trying get back into programming and students that are trying to learn practical implementation of Java. Various universities accepted this course as a pre-requisite course to admit them to IT Courses.

Starting on the 3rd Week of January.


Java course helped me to qualify to take IT courses in my University. Saved so much in tuition fees by not having to take expensive pre-requisite course in the University, also got so much knowledge and confidence in Java programming.


Java course was the best thing for me, got more confidence and knowledge than ever possible in a college course


I was new to IT and was little hard for me to absorb the class content, PergonSoft did let me attend the class again for free which helped me a lot >